For which Nationals can you process orders?

Currently the clients that we work for, assigns us work for orders of Safeguard,M&M,MCS, Servicelink (Assetshield),MSI,NFR, Five Brothers,NFN.
But don't let it discourage you if your client is not on the list, learning new processes is one of our strong points!

Can you guys make bids from seeing the photos?

Yes we can!! Of course crew notes help a lot and make our lives easier as they physically present in property and have the measurement details, but we can do without it. Whether they be simple grass cut complicated Maintenance orders, We can make bids just by seeing the photos. whether they be mold, drywall, flooring or any exterior damages, our processors are fully trained and equipped with the latest training guides to make these bids.

Can you guys deal with denials and Returns?

we have a fully trained QC department that handles all the Denials and makes it a priority to correct and send them back!

Do you guys familier with Property Pres Wizard (PPW)?

We are competent in using PPW as well other such data management software such as, EZinspections and InpectorADE.

Do you guys use Cost Estimators for bids?

Yes!! we can use cost estimators (RepairBase, XactPRM), if the client provide us and want us to.

Why Outsourcing?

Coding and decoding of data is a specialized activity that calls for a professionally trained eye who understands the implications of demystifying this data and re-engineering it for customers for value addition.
Outsourcing key functions enables companies to focus on core business such as Physicians should be focusing on Patient care while we take care of the administrative tasks such as Coding and Billing.
As a Knowledge Partner, our quality control & auditing capability will ensure minimal denials and a healthy revenue stream

Why Outsourcing from Bangladesh?

As the BPO industry from Bangladesh offers quality service and outsourcing services at a relatively lower cost to its giant competitors such as India, Philippines and China.
Come and take a look at the country's BPO industry with many pledging to encourage the fellow entrepreneurs from their country to outsource more work to Bangladesh.

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We love what we do. we try to get better everyday.