About Us

Preservation Solution was started by Three entrepreneurs. All of them have a rich knowledge in Property preservation data processing for most of the national vendors and understand the customer needs in an efficient way.

We have been doing preservation processing from years with our excellent team of processors. We provide property preservation work order service who work with marketable & conveyance repairs, recurring field services, inspections, P&P, REO property maintenance and more. We have versatile expert processor in Property Preservation, REO property maintenance, and Inspections work orders. We can manage every step of the process from photo labeling to utilizing cost estimators while bidding and invoicing work orders and quality control as well.

We complete over 1000 work orders per week using all in house employees.

Preservation solution is located and operated from Bangladesh the other side of the globe than USA, So when it's night at your country it's day at our country.so at the end of the day before going to bed you will assign your pending work orders for us. After that When you get up in the morning you can see all your orders are already processed and ready for billing. So you can easily avoid your back charges and meet your deadlines through the process.We gurantee to give you timely submission of work


In an industry where depth of knowledge is the key to success, we believe in being resourceful, innovative and responsive to the needs of our clients and deliver qualitative consistency in our services to make them cost effective, efficient & meaningful.


To continuously engage ourselves in identify new avenues & opportunities,that deliver optimum customer satisfaction and to nurture talent to respond to the dynamics of changing requirements & technology.


At Preservation solution we believe in working as a team.The primary focus is on working together to accomplish tasks for the betterment of the unit in totality. We aim at creating an work also strike a correct work-life balance.

Presevation Softwares

We love what we do. we try to get better everyday.